B.I.G.S. Leadership Team

Jenn Sotodeh, M.A., M.S., BCBA - Executive Clinical Administrator

Bio: Jennifer is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), specializing in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and developmental disabilities. Prior to being the founder of B.I.G. Solutions, Jennifer worked as a Clinical Development Specialist for a Non-Public Agency in the Los Angeles area. Jennifer has her Master's degree in Education, and a second Master's degree in School Psychology from National University. Her Bachelor's degree is in Psychology from Biola University. She has spent over a decade working with children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other disabilities in multiple settings including, homes, schools, communities, clinic and group residential settings. Before working in the field of ABA, Jennifer worked as a manager in the behavioral health department at Western Medical Center for ten years, supporting patients who were struggling with mental health. Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys exercising, hosting get-togethers, and spending time with her family. One of her favorite leisure activities is to travel to different countries and explore diverse places and cultures. Jennifer has visited several regions of the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Central America, South America and French Polynesia.
Email: jenn@behavioralinspiredgrowth.com

Chad Vanlandingham - Director of Operations

Bio: Chad Vanlandingham brings over thirty years of entrepreneurial, management and business experience from having worked in several fields. He grew up in Flagstaff, AZ and was exposed to business and real estate at a young through his father. At the age of sixteen, Chad was awarded the title of Flagstaff's youngest entrepreneur when he started Empress Hot Dogs. Two years later, he opened the first ever bed and bath specialty store in Flagstaff. After that, Chad decided it was time to take on the world of real estate. He worked with his dad in this arena for a few years until Chad moved on to break out on his own. For many years, Chad purchased, renovated, and sold residential property in the highly competitive Los Angeles market. That led to him working with several architects, and eventually founding JCA Construction with a focus on doing commercial construction, specializing in restaurants. Partnering with Jennifer to start B.I.G. Solutions may not seem like the most logical step, but it was an opportunity to take many years of business knowledge and combine it with her clinical knowledge to focus on doing something great. From a hot dog stand, to high end real estate deals, to building restaurants, to B.I.G. Solutions, Chad has mastered the importance taking risks, being persistent and working on the things that are also your passions.
Email: chad@behavioralinspiredgrowth.com