These testimonials are all from former clients, or staff, and were unsolicited. The content provided were actual typed or written messages on cards or letters that were received over the years.  Client and Family initials were provided for confidentiality purposes.

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Parent Testimonials:

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for J.  Your entire team has helped him in achieving in school.  You are making a tremendous difference in his life.  It means a lot to us.

Love, J. + Family

You have indeed exemplified this meaning of “success” J  Thank you so much for all the hard work, compassion, dedication, patience and empathy that you have given to J.  You will never know how much all of this (and You, as amazingly sweet & intelligent woman) has meant to both J & myself.  It was a difficult year but, in the end I felt success coming from you, your supervision & guidance.

With much gratitude,

N & J

Here we go again – Just when you thought you were getting rid of us!! J   Thank you for all you have done for O and our family.  We are so lucky to have found you and are so appreciative for the skill, patience & dedication to the case.  You have always been accessible to me which I so appreciate and I trust you completely (Which is not always easy to do with a support team).  I also so appreciate your perspective & input, your willingness to come back on the case makes me beyond grateful as I know how far you travel and what a big caseload you have.  Wishing you all the best for the new year. Hope you had a great vacation!

Love, A.

Thank you for your kindness, understanding, dedication and hard work this year.  M was truly blessed by all your services this year.  I appreciate all the support you’ve given him and us.  Thank you for always keeping a positive and open communication with me through numerous texts, emails and meetings!  Wish you the best always!

With much gratitude,

Wow, what a year we’ve had – lots of changes – good changes.  Thinking of you and all the support you’ve given us this year.  You are a doll and we are so thankful and blessed that you are in our lives.  You have been a wonderful partner in this journey we’ve been on with L.  We know that L would not be where he is now if it weren’t for the tireless work and commitment of people like you. Thank you!

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and happy New year!  With Love & Joy!

The M. Family

Thank you for all that you do for E & M.  Your overwhelming workload never stopped you from being patient & spending extra time to help “work things out” for our boys!  You handle stress with such grace & positive attitude.  We’ve been able to work with you, as you make it so easy + such a pleasure to get along with you.  Heck you’ve become a part of our crazy Jewish family!

Wishing you continued success!  Happy Holidays,

L. & C.

Staff Testimonials:
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I want to be sure that you recognize how thankful I am for you and how much I appreciate you!! I am genuinely thankful for you and genuinely appreciate you as a person, friend, and as an amazing and important supervisor and leader.  You are committed, smart, strive for excellence not just in yourself but also in those around you, collaborative, supportively, insanely hard worker, fun and joyous, very talented, caring and dedicated. You make me work harder and smarter, and I do think that is reciprocal J. I appreciate you for you!

Clinical Director

I cannot even begin to tell you how thankful I am for all of your support and wisdom you’ve given me this year.  I am so grateful I was able to work with you and be molded into the best helper for my kiddo I can be.  Thank you for your kindness, patience and enthusiasm.

Always, A. O.

Not only are you a superb supervisor, you are an amazing human being.  Thank you for the compassion you’ve shown me in my (many) times of need.

May God Bless you Always!